Tuesday, January 05, 2010


A few of the trailers I saw last week at the movies....and my witty commentary.

SALT - I liked this movie. When it was about Jason Bourne. (ZING!) Even though I like anything with explosions and espionage and fighting, I'm not an Angelina fan. Probably will 'pass the Salt.' (Please tell me I'm the first guy to say that about this movie...)

THE BOOK OF ELI -Denzel? Oldman? Apocalypse? Yeah, I'm in. Totally in.

PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYPMIANS: THE LIGHTNING THIEF - The movie doesn't look all that great. Probably a great book, though.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Nope. No way. No no no no.

TO SAVE A LIFE - This looks fantastic. Lots of redemption and clarity in this one. Definitely gonna' see this one!

KNIGHT AND DAY - I actually would love to see this. (None of the YouTube vids are authorized for embedding. LAME.) This looks like just the right mix of silliness and cool. Maybe enough to put Tom back on top?

How do these look to you?


Robert Conn said...

You know Tim Burton could have saved a lot of money by just hiring Elijah Wood instead of spending time making Johnny Depp look like him.