Saturday, June 03, 2006

What Brothers Do

As some of you may know, a few days ago I posted a blog about a minister by the name of Ergun Caner. You can scroll down if you like, but here it is - word for word:

A few weeks ago, Clay starts telling me about this guy named Ergun Caner. I'll be honest - I'm always a little apprehensive about folks connected with Jerry Falwell, but I was fortunate enough to catch Dr. Caner's sermon, "Why I'll Never Be A Hyper-Calvinist," and I was amazed. This dude can bring it.

This is nothing new here on my blog. I typically try to share important personal moments with those of you who frequent this small little cove here on the world-wide web. But if you happened to notice the comment section, you would have seen that I received a comment from a man named JD Longmire. His quote was:

"If by 'bring it' you mean be an emotionally appealing misrepresentative demagogue, then, yeah, he can really bring"

There are a couple of startling things about this post, and if you'll allow me the time, I'd like to delve into what JD Longmire had to say.

1. I don't know this guy and it bugs me that he would take this tone. In fact, after I looked at his profile which tells that he is "a servant of the Father, a brother of Christ, a bearer of the Holy Spirit, trying desperately to love God, my neighbor and exhibit the fruits of the spirit," it concerned me.

Is this what brothers do? Is this what we're called to do when we cross paths with someone who sees things differently than us? Maybe he and I have a different definition of "loving your neighbor" or what "neighbor" means, but the last time I checked, sarcasm wasn't a fruit of the spirit.

You know, JD, if you've got some claims against Ergun Caner, I'm happy to hear them, but this is not what brothers in Christ do - they do not take potshots at one another - they do not offer four of five lines and then high-tail it. If you were seriously concerned about a brother in danger of taking in some bad would have said things much differently.

2. I think Longmire's post brings up in me something I already struggle with - this overall attitude of I'VE-GOT-THE-TRUTH-AND-YOU-DON'T-SO-I'M-GONNA'-KICK-YOUR-BUTT-WITH-IT. I'm not trying to group Longmire with Neil McClendon or Voddie Baucham, but that's the kind of attitude he's having here. No dialogue, just arrogance.

For what it's worth, I've had my thinking seriously challenged and made better by brothers who share truth because they care. Not because they get a kick out of being the smartest guy in the room.

Mr. Longmire, if you've got problems with Ergun Caner, let's talk about them. I don't know the guy that well - I liked what I heard - seem to match up with scripture - so I shared with my friends.

If you want to seriously bless and enlighten a brother, JD, then that's fine. But nobody comes in my blog and acts like a jerk.

Because that's not what brothers (In Christ) do.


Robert said...

Way to go Longmire... Now you've gone and made him mad.

Justin said...

Todd angry....Todd SMASH....

Blake Stewart said...

Gotta love blog fights...

Paul James said...

Ergun Caner looks a little like John Rolf without hair...

jdlongmire said...

Well, howdy, Brother! :D

I am stunned, in a pleasant way, that you have portioned out an entire post on your blog on my comment.

Thanks to my pastor, Eric Smith, for pointing this out.

As we begin our dialogue - I will reference my comment:

[b]If by "bring it" you mean be an emotionally appealing misrepresentative demagogue, then, yeah, he can really bring it...[/b]

Which was in response to your "I have a new hero" post.

I will admit that it was probably not a gracious as it should have been - my sincerest apologies - I sometimes get caught up in the "blog" culture debate style, which tends to be

I would only say to you that I would choose my heros more carefully - Dr. Caner has taken a systematic doctrinal methodlogy (Calvinism) and turned it into a bully pulpit utilizing the logical fallacy known as an emotional appeal to create a divisive attack. For what reason, I will not speculate, but I will comment on his methodology:

a. He mislabels and mixes 2 well known distinct doctrinal positions (Calvinism and hyper-Calvinism) and blends them into an unrecognizable froth.

b. After he builds this error filled strawman - he then goes on to attack it with continued misrepresentation.

c. After he is confronted with his error, he simply redefines his redefinitions - see if you can find his article by the same name as his sermon in the Liberty U newspaper - where he take Calvinism and redifines it as hyper-Calvinism, then redefines Neo-Calvinism, which is a social movement, not a systematic doctrine.

His work on Islamic issues may be great, but his understanding and attack on Calvinism is not only divisive, but insulting to those of us Southern Baptist bretheren and leadership that understand and ascribe to Calvinism.

BTW - that was why I left the link for you and your readers - best way to understand the folks being attacked is to try and understand their doctrine.

Soli Deo Gloria!


jdlongmire said...

Oh, and BTW - just in case there is any ambiguity:

Your post was exactly on target - I was a jerk, I apologise.


1. I have the Truth only through the graciousness of Christ and that only partially and am excited about the folks that join in the quest for better understanding

2. I am certainly not the smartest guy in the room!


Love in Christ,


John Jones said...

Ummm, I've been in the room with you. Yes you are! - John