Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sometimes, A Man Stands Up:

I hope I don't offend with this post. I try to stay away from controversial posts, but this has to be said.

It's my hope that this blog would somehow find it's way to the people who run the Dairy Queen corporation.

Please know that I support the DQ. I've been a longtime fan of their many, many delicious treats and hearty meals.

But I can't hold it in any longer.

Here goes...



Really? They're still flipping over the Blizzard? This is like the longest running fast-food gimmick in the history of deep fried items and drive through lanes.

What's the reasoning behind continuing to do this? Is there some random family that hasn't had a Blizzard in the 20 history of the soft serve wonder? Is there some guy in a minivan screaming,

"Kids! Get up here and look at this! This lady just turned the ice cream UPSIDE DOWN!"

It doesn't impress any more. In fact, it just seems to add a level of awkwardness to the transaction, doesn't it?

I pay my money, the dude brings it over and I reach for it...but no, he's got a flip it. So I sit there and wait for it. I'm not impressed. Neither is the employee. Let's stop the charade, huh, DQ?

For crying out loud, it's a freaking BLIZZARD. I don't buy it because it defies gravity...I buy it because it makes my heart happy.

Anybody else with me on this one?


Robert Conn said...


Angela said...

Ummm, I LOOK FORWARD to them turning the Blizzard over.

Liz said...

Well ya know...funny story.

Last Spring, some crazy parent with too much money offered to buy a Blizzard for every kid in Samuel's class. So they all send their order in and on the happy day, all the Blizzards arrive at school. They take them outside to eat them & Samuel, being the cool dude that he is, wants to show his friend who it'll stay in the cup with you flip it over. Umm...the trouble is, this was April or Texas...and the 40 Blizzards have made the trip from the local DQ to the school. Yeah, it doesn't stay in the cup as well once it's started to melt. :( Poor kid lost his whole blizzard!

Brian Boatman said...

I'd be impressed if Starbucks did it.

rk said...

Best TW post in a long, long time my man. so true. we get it. the blizzard is like concrete with crumbly pieces of candy in it. just hand it over please.