Friday, February 11, 2011


SATURDAY, 2/5/11
Could definitely tell I hadn't run in three or four days! Went to the gym Saturday afternoon. Did a 35 minute-run and did just over 3 miles, which was okay. Would like to be faster, but I was just grateful to get out and do it!

MONDAY, 2/7/11
Got to the gym and did three miles. Was pretty slow this go around. Could have been the 200 cookies I ate the night before watching the Super Bowl. Was on the treadmill for almost an hour (counting the walking.) Felt pretty good afterward. Stayed off the sugar. You know...the cookies did me in.

FRIDAY, 2/11/11
We'll call this post "sunny doesn't mean warm." The sun was out Friday morning and the temperature was climbing, so I got out there to get in my third run. (I get really hacked off when I can't three in per week!) Drove over to the ROC since the distance is marked out. A few months ago, I hated the ROC because one half is so much higher than the other which makes for a very unbalanced run. I hate hills, remember? I didn't have a ton of time so I aimed to do two miles and to make sure to run the whole course instead of just circling the flat parts. First mile was 9:30, which surprised me and then ran the second mile in 9:00 flat. What?!

Finished out twenty minutes with just over two miles and felt like a flipping track star. All relative I guess...