Monday, November 03, 2008


I've made no secret of my love for the Discovery Channel's new show DESTROYED IN SECONDS.

Add this, of course, to my love for Discovery's CASH CAB, DIRTY JOBS, MYTHBUSTERS and a new favorite for Jonah and me - STORM CHASERS!

But one thing bothers me. This show is different because I never know what the recap is gonna' be for these little segments. Discovery is way more graphic than other shows of the same type. In this show, it's a little too often I'm hearing stuff like:

"Sadly, five people died when the crane fell 42 stories and landed on a church/orphanage." "All seventeen jets then exploded in the parking lot, incinerating everything inside the PetSmart, including the live animals."

Maybe I should stick to watching Mike Rowe wade through muck. That's way less depressing.
After spending time at the Discovery channel website grabbing some links, I've decided they are the greatest channel in the world. How can you not love this line up?
1. A Haunting
2. Cash Cab
3. Deadliest Catch
4. Destroyed In Seconds
5. Dirty Jobs
6. Iditarod
7. Koppel: The Last Lynching (okay...don't know anything about this one. Sounds horrible, though.)
8. Man Vs. Wild
9. Mythbusters
10. Planet Earth
11. Prototype This!
12. Shark Week
13. Survivorman
14. Time Warp
Why don't they just call this "the-channel-that-dads-will-like"?

What's your best channel? What keeps you up way too late watching TV? (Blake, DO NOT say "The Hills.")


Artie said...

CBS does most of the damage to me.. although House on Fox is a requirement.
CBS-Amazing Race
The Unit
Cold Case
Criminal Minds
Without a Trace

All dvr'd I have no idea when these shows actually come on.

The Willmons said...

I'm gonna have to stay with Discovery Channel followed closely by ESPN.

I love Mythbusters, Man v Wild, and Survivorman. I haven't seen Stormchasers, but it looks cool. Andy loves Destroyed in 60 seconds. And c'mon, who does it better (and dirtier) than Mike Rowe? He's a hoot!

adrienne. said...


What Not to Wear
Jon and Kate Plus 8
Take Home Chef
Say Yes to the Dress
LA Ink
Rock the Reception
My First House
17 Kids and Counting

LOVE it!

Johnny! said...

I watch exactly 3 TV shows.

Doug said...

what if Blake called them the "mounds of earth that aren't quite as big as mountains"

I am a History Channel guy myself. Some of my favorite shows are Dogfights, Modern Marvels, and Extreme Engineering.