Monday, January 04, 2010


I've never been big on making a bunch of goals for the New Year, but I am excited about this new resolution of mine.

I've heard of guys doing this over the past couple of years and I've decided to give it a try.

I'm setting out to write one song every month this year.

Now, that might not seem like much. You may think, "Don't songwriters just write all the time?"

Not this one. In fact, I'm one of the slowest writers around. Couple that with a very busy family and church life and songwriting ends up getting pushed to the back burner more times that I care to admit.

So, for me, 12 songs is huge. In fact, it seems so scary and unattainable that I'm forcing myself to share with readers and viewers to keep me accountable! And somewhere mixed in that fear and trepidation is excitement. Excitement to come to the end of 2010 with at least 12 worship songs written. They won't all be good, but they'll all be done, and that's what I'm going for this year.

I'll post videos of the songs as they're done and I'll probably keep it under that goofy little thing I do called "SongWrighting." (hee hee) I'll probably end up calling it SongWrighting 2010 or something totally boring like that.

Now, to get started, I'm going to cheat a little. (You don't mind, do ya?)

I've talked a bit about this new song, MAKER OF MY DAYS, and although it was technically finished in December, I'm going to use it as my January song. I guess I could just lie and say I wrote in January, but I try not to lie if I can help it.

So, hopefully next week you'll see SongWrighting 2010 Song #1. Okay, that's a horrible title. Gotta' spice that up a little before the new tune drops!