Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Problem With Sports Radio...

It's well known that I am not a sports guy. I always enjoyed playing basketball, but I've never been a guy who follows any one sport. At all.

But, strangely, I am fascinated by sports talk radio. For some reason, I find it extremely calming. Even though I have very little reference for the stuff they're talking about, it relaxes me.

But it's not without its problems. And with that, I submitted a few specific problems I have with sports radio.

  1. NO BACKGROUND. Unlike most any other media sources, sports shows don't give you any back story. Normal news programs assume that they have listeners that aren't aware of the situation. That's why the broadcaster will somehow fit in a 1-sentence description of what's going on. ("This politician is under investigation," or "police will charge the suspect for the robbery of the bank.") But not sports shows...they just launch into a story as if everyone knows what's going on. ("So, Ronnie, did Brunson chuck that on accident or is Daniel right that it was an intentional move against Danielson and his crew?") What? Who? What happened? Who do I hate in this situation? Oh, and why?

  2. LITTLE TOO LOCAL. I live in East Texas, not far from Dallas. It's Cowboy country, I get that. But I'm tuning in to a sports show, not the Dallas Cowboy Fanboy Furious Hour. I'm not expecting no bias, but a little more balance might be more informative. Which creates the show producers really want to inform or just to stroke their own egos with how much they love their team.

  3. TOO MANY HOT MICS. I get that it's fun to argue with four of your friends, but I feel like all of these shows have at least one too many dudes. Oh, he's there with the random comment, but it's just too hard to follow. Give me two dudes who know what they're talking about and maybe one guy for a little comic relief.
Sports radio seems to be one of the niche products that not really built to invite new folks. Seems like it's pretty much designed for an existing group of people who all speak the same language and know all the facts and doesn't make room for folks who are interested in joining in for the first time.

Uh oh...this blog just got spiritual.