Friday, January 28, 2011


SATURDAY, 1/22/11
Got out Saturday night around 9:30 and ran while I listened to my Sunday setlist. Did 25 minutes, which felt pretty good. I'm going to call that last hill I run "Hate Hill" from now on.

'Cause I hate it.

Probably need to use a few of the gym trips for longer, slower runs, just to mix it up. These little 20 minute blasts are good, but I see better results when I've got some variety.

On the sweets front, nearly had a full-blown meltdown. My wife suggested I loosen the rules a little and find some way to get a tiny bit of sugar without downing 22 little chocolate donuts in a row. She made me a "mostly sugar-free" pie and I inhaled a granola bar or two. So far, so good. The scale has slowed down a bit, which isn't all that great. I'd like to blame it on the fact that I'm lifting weights and bulking up so big, but that would just be sad, wouldn't it.

TUESDAY, 1/25/11
Had an open morning an didn't need childcare, so I hit the gym without any time constraint. Been feeling like I might need a long run since most of them have been 20-minute jobs lately. Did 40 minutes of running on the treadmill. Didn't watch the screen too much, but probably came in somewhere close to 3.5 miles.

My adventure in sugarless living is going okay. I did snag two of my friend Tim's delicious brownies at Life Group on Sunday night. I considered my pastoral know, life group and all.

FRIDAY, 1/28/11
Wanted to sleep in SO BAD, but since it was Finley's birthday party day, figured I had to get up and get some exercise in before the craziness started. Drove over to the ROC and pounded the pavement. Actually did 30 minutes, which was surprising. Last leg was tough, but I kept thinking,

"I'm going to feel so good when I run 30 minutes!"

I did feel proud of finishing, but was pretty worn out by the end.