Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Things I Don't Like But Am Afraid To Say Because People Will Think I'm Not A Real Christian

There are a lot of non-essentials in Christianity. But let's be honest - we're pretty good at elevating the temporal to a place higher than it deserves. "Church culture" does this constantly, as it should. There are objects and songs and movements and people who are doing great things for the Kingdom and for the world. The only problem is that when you don't particularly enjoy some of these things, you end up looking like a jerk.

Now that my blog doesn't hit my FB unless specifically posted, I feel I can admit some of these things that will most likely invite the malice of my brothers and sisters in the church. But honesty's the best policy right.

  • TOMS Shoes - I keep waiting for some brave soul to step up and say, "You know, these shoes look terrible and after about a month make you look like a homeless person, right?" No one's done that yet. So I guess it's me.

  • "How He Loves" by John Mark McMillan. Love McMillan's stuff. "The Medicine" is one of the coolest records I've bought in a long time, but just can't get into this particular song. It's all over the map and I'm just not able to commit to it's weird journey of varying statements.

  • The Spiritual Retweet - I'm a spiritual guy, but if I follow you on twitter, I wanna' know about YOU, not a constant stream of what your favorite celebrity pastor said. If I wanna' know what Mega-Preacher says, I'll hit up his twitter account on my own.

  • "Better Than A Hallelujah" - absolute the worst theology on Christian radio today. And that's saying something.

  • The Newsboys - Now. And then. Never could get into them. Don't have any major issues, just never dug the music. (And always was frustrated that Steve Taylor didn't get near enough credit for saving their careers with the "Not Ashamed" record.)

  • Movies made by those guys who did "Facing The Giants". Can't get into those movies.
Okay, so what 'Christian' things can you not stand?


Liz said...

Along the same thread as your last statement: I hated Fireproof. I get the storyline & think it was great, but the movie itself really really sucked. I enjoyed Facing the Giants, even with its cheesy acting, but the rest of that church's movies have made me want to claw out my eyeballs.

Chad Ethridge said...

I'm with you on all of those, but sometimes the spiritual retweets end up being things I need to hear anyway. As for the church movies, my church is putting one together ( I'm holding my breath to see if it will be worth its salt. One thing I can say for my church is that they are not afraid to try something new.

Johnny! said...

I couldn't be more indifferent to the entire catalog of Don Miller's writing.

The trailer to "Fireproof" looked so dumb there was no way I was going to see it.

Crowder's band is a great band whose music I don't ever listen to.

Jayson said...

You aren't going to suck me into your world of divulging those things which I won't say!