Wednesday, July 28, 2010


SUNDAY, 7/25/10
Yikes! Didn't do any running until Sunday! Jeez!

If you'll allow me to get a little philosophical here, I think it might make this particular entry a little more substantial.

Anybody who's ever struggled with their weight has a few 'secrets.' I'm not talking about some hidden spot where you hide the brownies or a way to justify that large Blizzard on Tuesday morning.

These are good secrets - things you know about yourself that you know are good for you. A little background....

Before Finley was born, I decided to fast sugar for Lent one year. Yes, a lot of stuff has sugar in it, but this fast was really more about junk food. (Which. I. love.) I fasted that sweets and lost almost 50 pounds. Now, I didn't do it to lose weight, but as the pounds came off, my whole disposition improved. I had more energy, found time to do the stuff I cared about and generally felt great.

You see...that's a secret. I know that if I cut junk food out of my life and keep a decent exercise regimen that I can weigh less and feel better. But for some reason, I don't do that. It's like I'm hiding that truth from myself.

Last week, I decided to try it again. I got off the sweets and decided to stick with it. And you know what? I do feel better already. How do I know that?


Yes! I did it. The farthest I've run in my life!

It was hard, and I could just be deluding myself, but I actually felt stronger and more focused than I've ever felt while exercising. Could be the sugar thing. Could be a mental thing. I'm not sure, but man, did I feel victorious!

TUESDAY, 7/27/10
Didn't have as much time on Tuesday because I was invited to go to a concert late Tuesday night. Got out there and started the run and quickly realized something. It was immediately obvious that my legs weren't recuperated from the run on Sunday night.

Legs were stiff, so I did an interval run in the hopes that I could get a little leg rest. I did a 10-5-10 and it was terrible. The last three or four minutes were rough...mostly leg pain. But heck, I did it.

Little concerned that I'd need 2 days in between each run! That would mean getting back out there on Friday, which seems like a long time away. Guess, we'll see.


Liz said...

Maybe you could try just walking on those in between days?