Friday, January 01, 2010


He turns eight today and I'm not sure why...but this one feels different.

Maybe it was a few weeks ago when he fell asleep in the car and I carried him in the house, noticing that his legs almost touch the ground when I hold him.

Maybe it's the way he walks so boldly into school every morning...with that quick "Love you, too, Dad" and that quick walk inside.

Maybe it's the way he talks, the words he uses sounding like something a teenager would say.

I don't know...but it just feels different.


By now, Mom and I see glimpses of the person you'll be. After eight years, we're seeing some of the stuff that's truly a part of who you are and not just the by-product of a little boy trying to figure out what his identity is.

Oh, sure, there's lots left to discover, but some of that is already done. Even now, some of it so clear:

You're a Learner: you don't take things at face value. You want to know why people invented DVR and what "go figure" means. You want to study war and science and humor and friendship. Nothing brings you more joy than figuring something out.

You're a Loyal Friend: anybody who calls you friend is lucky, little man. I don't know of anybody more loyal and faithful. For you, loyalty is as easy as breathing. It's second nature to you and you're blessed to have it. Loyalty is fast evaporated in today's climate and you remind me every day what a great gift faithfulness is.

You're all Love: some may call it "wearing-your-heart-on-your-sleeve," but to my eyes, it's all Love. You invest your whole self in the things you care about. If you love something, you know it inside and out, you want to tell the world about it and you want to celebrate it as much as you can.

In the end, there will be a lot of things that you'll 'become,' Jonah. But your curiosity and loyalty and passion are three central characteristics that I intend to nurture and protect.

Some parents are saddened by this time, but not me, Jonah. I couldn't be any more excited and prayerful for you.

I love you, man.



Shelly Conn said...

Great post! Happy Birthday Jonah!!

I remember looking threw the nursery window and you holding him up for us to see!!

Robert Conn said...

Jonah, you've got a good heart, great parents, and a loving family. We're proud of you and of the man you are becoming.

And just think... I almost didn't let you live to see 2 after beating up on Ashlin all the time with your toys.

Shelly Conn said...

I remember hiding the play drum sticks before you guys would come over so Jonah would not find them and beat Ashlin over the head with them. Good times!! I wonder what people hide from Levi before we come over! BOYS!!

Tom McKeand said...

Happy Birthday Jonah!!!