Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 Netflix Resolution...

If you haven't heard, my pal Rob heard of my plan to watch all the way through my Netflix "queue" and challenged me to do it with no swaps or additions to the list.

Rob even promised to buy me Bruno's pizza and Big Red.

Done and done.

So, I looked at my queue today and decided I'd share the list with you.

First'll notice a couple of kid movies in there. Robert has given me grace in this respect. I can keep the movies in there or make additions for my kids if the need presents itself. I also realized that a few weeks ago when I cleaned some of the "seasons" off the list, I left one or two random DVDs.

So, barring those, here is the list!

  1. MST3K: Racket Girls
  2. Dear Zachary
  3. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  4. Mama's Boy
  5. Sleeper
  6. Son of Rambow
  7. Little Miss Sunshine
  8. Anatomy of a Murder
  9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  10. Good Night and Good Luck
  11. Lords of Dogtown
  12. Adaptation
  13. Man On Wire
  14. The Devil and Daniel Johnston
  15. Heckler
  16. Fall From Grace
  17. 911: In Plane Site
  18. The Forbidden Kingdom
  19. Goodfellas
  20. The Godfather
  21. Munich
  22. Shine A Light
  23. Blade Runner
  24. 51 Birch Street
  25. The Host
  26. Pineapple Express
  27. Hanna
  28. Paul Blart
  29. Frost/Nixon
  30. Bedtime Stories
  31. State of Play
  32. Lucky Number Slevin
  33. MST3K: The Girl in Lovers' Lane
  34. Comedian
Alright...time to watch some movies!


Johnny! said...

"Shine a Light" is stinkin' amazing. What, no "Manos: The Hands of Fate?"

adrienne. said...

Little Miss Sunshine is my favorite movie of all time.

Robert Conn said...

I didn't see "Rabbit Proof Fence" or "Finding Buck McHenry" anywhere.

must be a mistake.

Leslie said...

Godfather 1&2 are annual watches for me. Big fan of any and all mob/gangster movies. Loved Adaptation even though it was freaky ... Little Miss is HI-larious....Man on Wire wasn't as great as I'd hoped...Frost/Nixon was better than I'd imagined. Looks like a great line up!