Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Netflix Resolution...

Don't know how many of you use Netflix to watch movies. We do, though it's mostly for me and the kids. Kristen not a big stay-up-late and watch movies type of person.

Right now, my Netflix "queue" sits at 46 movies.


About 3/4 of that list is my stuff, the rest is for the kids. I get in trouble because I go to look for one movie and end up adding 17 dvds to the list.

So here's my Netflix resolution. I will not add any more movies to my cue until I've watched the list down to 5. I will not add one stinking thing until I have poured 41 movies into my head.

I'm just ambitious, I guess.


Robert Conn said...

If you can do that... AND keep the current order. Meaning no swapping around to see that one movie a little earlier. No adding new Releases as wild cards. If you can do that it will be my treat at Brunos and we'll stop for a Big Red along the way.

You'd be on the honor system.

Todd Wright said...

How do I allow for the kid movies already in cue? I think I've taken most of them out, but you never know when my kids will need more media placed inside their heads.

Robert Conn said...

Kid allowances can be made in special circumstances (fits, rages, leverage in order to watch West Wing, etc).