Monday, August 24, 2009

Keeping cool...

If you follow me on twitter or the vlog, you've probably read or seen that we've been having some A/C problems for the last couple of weeks. The lack of air conditioning has taught me some interesting lessons...and I thought it beneficial to share.

  • Expense. Oh, is expensive, but I'm talking a little more practical here. When your air is out you're much more prone to spend money. You're sweaty and miserable, your family is grumpy and your temper is getting the best of you. What do you do? You get in the car and go eat at a restaurant. You go buy the biggest drinks that Sonic will sell you. You'll spend any amount just to feel comfortable. Yes, it's a selfish response. But it happens.

  • Sleep. Resting is really the hard part. Fortunately, we were able to secure a couple of portable A/C units, which worked tremendously. But when the only source of cool air is in the master bedroom and everybody else is in there asleep, things like exercising or watching a movie or working on the computer aren't near as enticing. No...the thing you want to do is hide in the cool dark and lay perfectly still. (Hey, this no A/C deal may turn out to be a good thing!)

  • Kids. I gotta' give props to the Wright kids. They're tougher than mom and dad. Kristen and I are ready to call a realtor and sell the house and the kids are just happy watching TV in the baking living room drinking juice pouches. I need a little of their toughness!

  • Jargon. Somebody has got to settle these repairmen down.
    "Well, when the compressor gets too hot, it's gonna' shut down that valve, nobody what the contactor does."

    Keep nodding, Todd.

    "You know that intake could be clogged with debris. After I turn this rip-spin switch line, I'll take my T-14 and check that, okay?

    Whatever you say, man-with-ultimate-power-right-now.

  • Patience. Ah, yes. Patience. I'm being patient. Until tomorrow. And then, somebody gets kicked in the ankle. You might wanna' give me some room, kay?