Friday, June 17, 2011

Morning Music Prayer: Friday, 6/17/11

A friend recently asked me if I would start posting the lyrics of our Sunday sets at Bethel. He mentioned he'd like to have those lyrics during the week to use as his prayers as he gets ready for work.

Worship leaders talk all the time about how we're putting "prayers into the mouths" of our people, so I thought this was a great idea. Since we do five songs at Bethel each Sunday, I figured I could post one each morning! Let's see how it goes!

Forever Faithful
written by Todd Wright

Let the song of faithfulness rise up from these You have blessed
Let every strain of praise be Yours
Forever faithful and sure

Let the tale of providence ring out loud a song of Him You sent
Every praise is Yours alone
Forever faithful and strong

Weʼve no worth, no payment we could make
Nothing deserving of Thy grace
We are faithless, frail and weak
But time after time we have seen
Youʼre forever faithful

Let the sound of thanks arise, lives set free by Your sacrifice
Every song we sing for You
Forever faithful and true