Monday, May 30, 2011


I've been married 13 years today.

The live we've led has been absolutely nothing like what we expected...but God has been faithful and I wouldn't trade anything for these first 13 years together.

In some ways, she's the exact same girl I met one night at a gig, but in so many other ways, she's grown and changed. I don't how God does it, but it's the miracle of marriage - that you could live a live with someone who is still the apple of your eye and at the same time, a person who has matured into something to be respected and emulated.

So here are 13 things I'm thankful about being married to Kristen.

  1. She still makes me laugh. All the time.

  2. She likes to go to big, dumb, blockbuster movies with explosions.

  3. She's the most loyal person I've ever known.

  4. She lets me take naps.

  5. She sings like nobody else I know.

  6. She doesn't freak out when I procrastinate. Much.

  7. She has taught me what it means to value home and family.

  8. She loves the internet.

  9. She's fascinated with scary movies but is too afraid to watch them. For some reason - I love this.

  10. She's loves looking stuff up. Seriously...she's like our own Cliff Claven.

  11. She's 100% honest but also considerate of others. That's hard to do.

  12. You know...the hotness.

  13. She said yes.
I love you, Kristen Wright.