Friday, April 29, 2011


SATURDAY, 4/23/11
Got out Saturday morning and put in a run. Did 31 minutes, but around 20 minutes, I wanted to quit! Been drinking a ton more water now that it's getting hotter and that seemed to help!

TUESDAY, 4/26/11
Now that Tuesday AM Bible Study is over, I can go exercise before work! Went to the ROC but made the stupid mistake of hitting the big hill almost first thing. Should have played it more safe because my legs never recovered. I think I was also feeling the fatigue of being on my feet for so long on Sunday. It wasn't that hot or humid, so it really should have been a great morning run if dummy-head hadn't gone Extreme Marathon Challenge five minutes into the run. Lesson learned.

WEDNESDAY, 4/27/11
Nice cool night for running! Didn't get out until around 10pm, but put in an hour with the walking and running combined. Did almost 40 minutes during the run portion and walked long stretches on front and back. Ran in the neighborhood, which I suddenly appreciate after trying the Hill from Hell at the ROC on Tuesday morning.

Interesting side note - as my run was wrapping up, a sheriff's deputy drove past me and pulled a quick u-turn. He cruised me again before leaving the neighborhood. Do I look THAT shifty?

FRIDAY, 4/29/11
Morning running. Blech.
Did a little over 20 minutes w/ a bunch of walking.
Still don't know why I ran in the morning instead of Friday night.