Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Things Worship Leaders Care Too Much About

10 Things Worship Leaders Care WAY Too Much About

1. Being cool.

2. Perfect monitoring.

3. Front-of-house sound levels. (that can't even hear...)

4. Physical response of congregation as indication of how "good" worship is going.

5. Doing exact arrangements of worship songs.

6. Finishing your set.

7. "Feeling" worshipful as you lead.

8. People in the crowd who look like you.

9. That it sounds just like it did in practice.

10. That mistake you made. Because everyone noticed it.

What else? What am I missing? Comment!


Johnny! said...

People in the crowd who look like you? That's never crossed my mind! But we sometimes play "spot the celebrity." Oh, look, there's Wilford Brimley.

britton wesson said...

Here's what I've learned:
A. Sound (front of house and monitor) will be different each and every week.
B. Get over the physical response of the crowd. Just because someone is sitting down and not singing DOES NOT mean that God is not at work in their hearts.
C. How many times have I skipped a song because of 1) time or 2) the Spirit says "don't do this song". Listening to the guidance of the Spirit is key.

As far as anything missing.....
1. Depending on the sound/video equipment to work properly so that "real" worship can happen.
2. Flow - in terms of starting fast going medium and ending slow. Let that vary.

Todd Wright said...

Great thoughts, Britton.

Johnny, I mean more of a "that person looks my age, my style, my type of person so we end up pandering to them.

Johnny! said...

I like it better when you're distracted because a guy there looks like you. That would be awesome.

Philip said...

11. Secretly wishing someone will ask for an autograph.
12. Hair product
13. Ripped designer jeans.
14. Getting recognized at Starbucks while working on a MacBook Pro.
15. Having a band good enough for a live album.
16. Wondering if Andy Stanley is looking for another worship leader.
17. Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
18. Comparing themselves to other worship leaders (everybody wants to be Chris Tomlin at some point, right?)
19. Audio, video, lights, and band practice come first. If time permits (and it usually doesn't), spiritual preparation comes last.
20. Blaming everyone else.