Monday, January 31, 2011

Finley Grace Wright, 1/31/06

Well, it's here, girl. You made it to 5. You've been talking about it all year long and after a full weekend of laughter and cake and presents and fun, today you've done it!

Every kid blossoms at their own rate, but I think 4 was a pretty amazing year. We learned a lot about you and I think we're getting a pretty good sense of the type of woman you'll grow up to be!

Oh, sure, you've got all your same sweetness and sense of humor and you're still about the cutest thing I've ever seen, but there's something more - the glimpses of a unique, beautiful, diverse creation of God. I can't tell you how many times Mommy and I look at each other and think,
"Is she really ours? I'm so glad she's really ours!"

On your birthday today, I wanted to look back and remember some of the stuff we learned about you this year!

  1. You're all about the good time. This year, we discovered that the thing that matters most to you is having fun. (I think you got that from me. Sorry. Or you're welcome. I'm not sure which.) You want to the be the peace-maker, you want to be the one to cheer people up and you definitely don't want to waste ANY time on something that's not fun.

  2. You're dramatic. And I'm not talking about overreacting about stuff that doesn't matter. (Although you are that, too!) I'm talking about actual drama - different voices, monologues from the Brady Bunch and begging us to watch clips of CATS. I'm not sure what that means for your future but it sure makes the days interesting!

  3. You're memorable. This year, we realized that Finley ALWAYS leaves an impression. A few weeks ago, we walked into the gym and the front desk lady (who doesn't know my name at all) said, "Hey, Finley! How are you?" It would be different if this was isolated occurrence, but it happens everywhere we go. Everybody remembers Finley.

  4. You're messy. We kinda' already knew this, but you took it to a whole new level in 2010. Which is a problem because, you see, in our house, I am the one who leaves clothes on the floor and a mess in the hallway. I'm the guy who forgets to put up his books and constantly loses a vital part of his life. Me. So, you gotta' straighten up on this one. Because Mom is going to kill one of us.


BJD said...

Well this blog entry of yours certainly deserves at least one comment! Finley IS memorable .. I recall a time that I saw Kristen and Finley at Chick-Fil-A on S. Broadway and Finley gave me the biggest smile and said "Hi!". Kristen, on the other hand, kind of had this "Who are you?" look on her face. Turns out she remembered me, though, since she told me about (and invited us to) Life Group meetings that had yet to begin.
We Deptulas are so blessed to know you Wrights, and especially the one named Finley.