Friday, January 07, 2011


SATURDAY, 1/1/11
It was cold-cold-cold out there, but I did it anyway. Fired up some Black Crowes on the iPod and started moving. After a couple of runs up and down the hill, I got bored. (I still find running ridiculously boring, by the way.) So I decided to do a 2-minute turnaround. Here's what I did:

After two minutes in one direction, I'd turn and run the other way for two minutes. Because my pace isn't that consistent, it meant that I eventually ran all sorts of curves, hills and stretches in a pretty random order. For whatever reason, that made it a bit more bearable. Did 10 minutes walking, 30 minutes running and another 10 walking. Felt pretty good about it until on Sunday morning I couldn't fit into one of my shirts....grrrrrrr Christmas candy!

SUNDAY, 1/2/11
Got out late Sunday night for little bit of running. Did the whole 10 minute walk before and after running. Only did ran 20 minutes, but glad I did it.

FRIDAY, 1/7/11
Finally made it to the gym! (And it only took a month.) Went to the gym this morning and put in probably over an hour of running and weight machines. Did 10 minute walk + 30 minute run + 10 minute walk. Did twenty or thirty minutes working through the machine room. Also complete a full five days of no sweets. There's no doubt about it - my life runs SO much smoother when I'm not on sugar, but it's unbelievably hard for me.


Kandice said...

I am with you on the sugar thing..I will say Fiber One bars are really good..they have several flavors..chocolate, mocha, caramel, ect..they are kind of like a kicked up granola bar..with extra fiber!!! I had to find some kind of chocolate to help my sweet tooth!!!