Wednesday, January 12, 2011

34, Part 2 (the bad stuff)

I'm 34-years old. I've lead worship in some capacity for 20 years now. I think I love it more now than when I first discovered it and I'm still learning every time I get up and do it.

In my career (so far), I've been privileged to perform or lead worship in a ton of different of denominations. In some churches, I was a guest, but for others, I was a part of the church and served with my gifts. I'm grateful for my time in these places as they've shown both the great and ugly side of church life. For today's post, I'll be sharing some of the bad stuff I've learned. If you haven't read my "good stuff" post below, do that first. (That way I don't sound like a massive jerk.)

To date, here's what some of those denominations taught me:

BMA: Every single person gets their "say" until everyone agrees with each other. (And the complainers leave.)

SOUTHERN BAPTIST: It only works if it's polished to perfection.

NON-DENOMINATIONAL: Emotions matter most.

CATHOLIC: We're too different from the rest of you to work together.

EPISCOPAL: Church should be liberal in every way possible.

ASSEMBLY OF GOD: Your allegiance is to the man or woman with the title. They get it from God and you follow orders.

METHODIST: Church is good business.

BIBLE CHURCH: Everything else can slide as long as we're still the smartest church in town.

Globally speaking, this is a short list and my level of involvement with these denominations is as varied as their individual church structures. However, these simple one liners do sum up the greatest, most memorable lessons I've learned.

You guys are a pretty varied lot; what have you learned?


Liz said...

:::sitting on my hands::: Don't mind sharing some, but don't think I can post it publicly like this. Feel free to pull 1 of us aside sometime & we'll share.