Friday, October 15, 2010


SATURDAY, 10/9/10
Couldn't get to the trail and did NOT want to run in my neighborhood, so I tried out the ROC, a local park that's owned by Green Acres Baptist Church. While running errands today, I swung by to check the distance and was surprised to see the whole course was a mile. Did a bunch of stuff with the family and once we got home, I headed back over there for a run.

I enjoyed running there, but it was very different. The path was probably the curviest route I've run, with lots of sharp turns and quicker up-and-downs than I'm used to. After a longer run yesterday, my legs were still a little sore, but I gave it a shot anyway. Did first mile in 9 minutes, then took a 1/2 mile walk, then ran another mile...also in nine minutes. (Kinda' weird...)

Now that I've run the route, I'll probably know better how to approach it - when to "push" or when to let gravity carry me a bit.

MONDAY, 10/11/10
Monday was pretty stormy so I couldn't try the ROC out again. Ended up hitting the gym late, but at least I got some time in.

Did three miles in 31 minutes and then came home.

That wasn't very exciting, was it?

TUESDAY, 10/12/10
Got back out to the ROC Tuesday morning.

Ran two miles and also walked one before I left. The two miles took about 18:30, which is keeping with that 9 minute per mile range. Really focusing on stamina over the next few weeks. Want to get to where three miles is my norm and not the exception.

THURSDAY, 10/14/10
Spent Wednesday in bed fighting off a cold, so Thursday was a bit groggy. Went to the ROC again, but decided to take it easy. Here's what I did:

Walk - .4 mile
Run - 1 mile
Walk - .4 mile
Run - 1 mile
Walk - .4 mile

Got a little pukey halfway through, but fortunately did not vomit. I hate vomit and avoid it at all costs.

FRIDAY, 10/15/10
Went back out to the ROC Friday morning. It was a little hotter than I was expecting, but I did 2 miles anyway! Started coughing a bit toward the end, which wasn't fun, but I was glad to get the 2 miles done.