Friday, September 24, 2010


SATURDAY, 9/18/10
Even though I did yardwork on Saturday, (of my own volition and desire, mind you....) I still wanted to run. It was a busy day, so we didn't hit the gym, but I did head outside late Saturday night for a little exercise.

I had some last-minute stuff to do before church on Sunday, so I couldn't run that long. Did 20 minutes and felt pretty good about it. Certainly nowhere near the 3 miles I've been doing at the gym, but I did feel a little stronger out there. Either the treadmill is helping with some stamina/strength or I just was in a better place mentally.

MONDAY, 9/20/10
Had every intention of hitting the gym on Monday. Then the A/C went out at our house and my day was shot. Instead of going to work, hitting the gym, then having a nice relaxing night at home, instead I spent all day in a hot house waiting for a repairman.

Who didn't come.

For bed, the whole family piled into our game room with a portable A/C unit and tried to sleep. Even though, I knew 'cooling off' would be a challenge in a hot house, I still went out for a run. Did 25 minutes around the neighborhood, which was hard but not terrible. Afterward, I realized that I haven't done 25 minutes in quite awhile, so that felt pretty cool!

WEDNESDAY, 9/22/10
Did 2.1 miles in 26 minutes. Not as fast as I'd like, but since I was outside (again,) I didn't feel too bad. I hate hills, by the way. Hate them. And I didn't have any jams to propel me up those big, giant, massive inclines!