Friday, September 17, 2010


I've made a decision.
I'm taking my running back to the gym.

Last week, I had to run at the gym on Friday and although it felt like cheating, I still got more running in. I'm not sure what it is - but I'm just not progressing with the outdoor running.

To be honest, it feels like I'm giving up, but the fact is that I started running so that I could be in better shape. And if the gym is where that will be most likely, then that's where I need to be. I realize gym training isn't as effective as training for organized running, but I've gotta' do what will yield the best overall results.

I'm not giving up on the 5k. I'm just tired of putting in lame runs and making excuses. Back to the gym we go...

TUESDAY 9/14/10
When I told Kristen I was heading back to the gym, she smiled and said,

"Good, maybe it'll make me go, too!"

So, Tuesday after work, the whole family went to Woodcreek. Krist didn't sign us up for very long in the childcare, so I had to get right on it. I was a bit bummed because my iPod was dead, but luckily they were playing Batman Begins.

I ran 3 miles in 32 minutes, which is the longest and farthest I've ever run. If there's an undeniable benefit to treadmill running, it's being able to ramp up the speed when you need to hit a goal. I had push harder than I wanted to at the end, but since we had to pick up kids, I was extra aggressive. I'd like to hit the gym at least 2 more times this week, but I'm we'll see. Church is a bit nutty this week. (when is church NOT nutty?)

THURSDAY 9/16/10
Finley had dance class on Thursday morning, so I worked from home so I could get some family time before a big practice night at the church. After we took Krist and Finley to dance, Jonah and I hit up Ground Zero Comics and he got a cool Power Pack/Iron Man graphic novel. (With a little financial help from dad, that is.) After we picked up the girls, we all headed to the gym!

Hit the treadmill and pushed HARD. Did three miles right at 30 minutes, which is probably my best time so far. In retrospect, I should have slowed my pace down...feeling completely exhausted and worthless after running isn't really the best way for me to live.

The longer runs have definitely paid off...while I've actually slowly lost weight over the summer, these new gym runs have been a real boost. I'm feeling better and the weight is coming down a little bit quicker. Might try to get it another run before this blog posts on Friday night!


Liz said...

Way (and WEIGH) to go, Todd!!!