Friday, August 13, 2010


FRIDAY, 8/6/10
30 minutes. Again.

The two-day space between runs is helping, I think. It's still a little harder to get into the groove when I've gone a couple days without running, but I've got a lot more muscle strength on these runs.

Thirty minutes is still really hard for me. My 'give-up' point is around the 23 minute mark. It's not necessarily that I can't run seven more minutes - it's knowing that the seven remaining minutes includes two hills!

Gonna' keep aiming for 30 minutes (or at least the high-20s) for the next couple of weeks. I'll be trying to measure overall speed on the 30 minute run. Right now, a good strong run around my neighborhood takes seven minutes, but I'm slowing down after my first pass. I'd like to focus on consistent pace for the next few weeks.

TUESDAY, 8/10/10
Should have run on Monday night, but had no time. Went on Tuesday night instead, but didn't hit the 30 minute mark.

I tried to focus on speed with this run...lately, my runs have been long, but not necessarily fast. I pushed pretty hard on Tuesday night but played out way too early. Ran around 21 minutes and then backed off. Felt a little disappointed, but I'm still doing the no-sugar thing, so really any exercise coupled with that ends up being a good thing.

Legs are feeling strong...need to look at the fall 5k so I can start running toward a goal again.

WEDNESDAY, 8/11/10
I know, I know...I'm supposed to wait two days before running, but get this -

I ran because I was bored.

Krist and the kids were in Lufkin and I was home alone in Tyler, so I decided to run.

Went for the 20 minutes again. Legs weren't all that bad - I was a bit worried running 2 days in a row, but I felt alright. Realizing that my speed is still an issue. Thought I'd train toward the 10/10 Tyler Rose Marathon, but realized it's on Sunday. Sunday? Sunday is the only day I work every week!