Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I Hate The Wii...

Jonah has a Wii. It's been a good machine. (As evidenced by his numerous vlogs, tweets and hallway ramblings about the newest/latest/coolest game he wants.) There are couple of reasons why Jonah has this particular system rather than some other system.

Game Selection. While there are some adult games for Wii, they're definitely the minority. Kristen and I like the fact that most of the Wii games are perfect for him and won't subject him to stuff we don't want him seeing.

Intensity. If another person tells me how the graphics are so much better on PS3 or XBOX360, I'm going to lose it. I know they look better, alright? I get it. I'm a grownup. I understand these things. But since I only really have room in budget for 1 game system (loser, I know,) I've decided on a system that isn't so great that it fools my 8-year old's brain into thinking he actually IS sliding off a planet or throwing cannonballs at an octopus. When it comes to little ones and gaming, a little non-reality is just the ticket.
I've got a couple of games. They're fun little distractions. But if there's anything that cause me to look at the Wii sideways, it's this:


If my wife and kids are in bed and I want to shut off my brain and play some video games late at night, I don't want to stand up and flail my arms for thirty minutes. I want to sit on a couch. I want to move my fingers. That's it.

Makes me wonder if this awesome new 360 full-body motion sensor thing will backfire. Isn't part of the fun of gaming being completely lazy?