Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday Review

I had seen some of the early promotion for Temple Grandin, but to be honest, it looked just a little boring. However, after watching extended trailer and seeing it was on a free movie channel a few weeks ago, I decided to check it out.

Claire Danes gives her best work-to-date in this bio pic of a young autistic woman who discovers an amazing gift for animal husbandry and who learns along the way as her gift propels her to face down her biggest - and most irrational - fears. While the movie follows a few typical 'ugly duckling' formulas, some of the most obvious and overused are eshewed for honest story-telling.

Danes and the supporting cast play each part with a subtle approach, coming across with all the awkward, natural response that normal people would have in seeing a young woman paralyzed by autism.

In addition, this movie does what a lot of biographical films don't - educate. Not only does this project tackle autism, but it also reveals quite a bit about tending cattle. Grandin's progressive ideas are still utilized in ranches and feed lots today and viewers will end this movie seeing why.

If you get the chance to check out Temple Grandin, go for it. It's a keeper!