Wednesday, May 26, 2010


WEDNESDAY, 5/19/10
Technically, I should have bumped to the next week, but I wanted to try my 8-5-8 run again. Cut me some slack...I had to see if I could do it again! It was a great run. Probably the first time I've felt actual joy while doing it. Since I'm not progressing up through the weeks like I'm supposed to, I'm going to start adding more runs per week. The plan calls for 3, but I'm going to aim for four or five as long as my legs don't get too worn out. The plan for Thursday AM to try the 8-5-8 again and then hopefully hit one of the planned "long runs" on Friday or Saturday.

THURSDAY, 5/20/10
Switched to a longer first run just to see how I'd far. I didn't run for a ton, but I was to do it more comfortably and once I was done, I was pretty surprised at how I did. (Compared to where I was FAR!) So far, I've been using the stopwatch on my phone to keep time on the runs. I walked my 5 minute break and then ran again. For the second run, I put my phone aside. I thought it would be less stressful just to run instead of constantly checking the watch. That aspect of the run backfired on least at this point, the stopwatch helps, simply because when I want to give up and walk the rest of it, I can look at the phone and think,

"Oh, I can run for two more minutes easy!"

The timer motivates me right now, so I'll keep using it in the workouts.

FRIDAY, 5/21/10
Did 10-5-5. Felt pretty good. Thought my 10 minutes bought a mile but retracked it later to find I was a little bit short. Ended up running later in the day than planned so the heat wasn't fun. Had hardly any discomfort in the legs and my back felt fine.

SATURDAY, 5/22/10
Since Sunday is pretty much a no-run day and I'll be tracking music on Monday, I decided to keep up the momentum! Didn't have much time for running, so I kept it pretty short. (For me, anyway!) I did another 5 minute walk to start and end with 10 minutes of running in between. That's not a lot of running, I realize, but I landed at a mile. The fact that I can do that outside in the middle of the day is no small victory. Ended the run feeling pretty good.

My progress however, is still way too slow. I don't think I'm going to make it by June 5. I'm not giving up...I'm aiming for the June 5 AlleyFest 5k, but realistically, I may not be ready. If I have to bail on it, I'm gonna' be sad, but Kristen is a great encourager. If I can't do the June run, so least I'm running more and better than I ever have.

MONDAY, 5/24/10
Wasn't sure I'd get time to run. Had a busy day with music stuff and planned on being wiped out by the time I got home. I was pretty tired, but decided to run after Jonah went to bed. Didn't get out there until around 9:45pm, but at least it was cool! I've been trying to focus on the one mile run, so that was my goal. Realizing that I did it in about 10 minutes last time, I figured I'd step it up and try to just run for 15 minutes. Two weeks ago, the idea of running for 15 minutes straight would have terrified me, but Monday night it actually felt pretty easy. I'd probably do best to take Tuesday off, but if I can find the time, I wanna' see if I can hit the 15 again.

TUESDAY, 5/25/10
Ran 16 minutes, walked 5 and then ran a 5 to finish it off. Feeling really positive about the running. Who cares if I make it to June 5? I'm running better than ever!


Liz said...

Way to go!! You sound so inspirational & motivating! Almost makes me want to give it a shot.

ha ha ha ha ha...dang, I almost convinced myself there for a minute.

Signed, Liz (who only runs if her butt's on fire)