Monday, March 08, 2010


THEM (Jon Ronson)
I heard Glenn Beck talking about this book a few years ago and I made a mental note to pick it up. Then I forgot that mental note until two months ago.

Boy, am I glad I remembered to pick up this book! I loved everything about it - the subject matter, tone and creative twists made it a very fast read and left me wishing there was more.

I had no idea that after this project, Ronson wrote Men Who Stare At Goats, which was optioned as a film and ended up doing very well for such a quirky film. Then again, this author seems to get "quirky" better than most.

The book starts with a simple premise - interview some of the most outrageous, ridiculous conspiracy theorists the world has to offer. The first couple of chapters remain playful and sarcastic, but soon, Ronson moves from a simple observer of these fantastical theories to a participant. The book chronicles the slippery slope of paranoia while also pointing out some frightening facts about the world we live in.

As a guy who LOVES conspiracy theories, I was pretty invested in the work. Ronson manages to bring the book to healthy close without depressing his readers, but many of his questions and theories still linger once the book is back on the shelf.


Johnny! said...

I loved it. Amazing that the Bilderberger guy from Parliament was so up front with him. And the Bohemian Grove!

Liz said...

Conspiracy theories? Oh my ... Larry would love this book!