Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Don't Tweet From My Phone

10. Need to avoid impulse tweets like "bring me cookies" or "Kristen, can we go out to eat?"

9. Lack of editing. Many, many snarky, petty, dumb things in my mind would be public. And horrible.

8. People could track me down too easily. Holy cow, Todd's at the movies. Again.

7. Driving & tweeting don't mix. Do they?

6. I really ought to know...talking to my kids.

5. I get way too giddy when I'm retweeted. And that would be embarrassing to reveal to the general public.

4. The chances for mistakenly tweeting instead of texting is kinda' scary.

3. I'm random enough. We don't need to amp that up.

2. I'm pretty slow on the phone-typing thing. It takes me a full minute for a single word. So, basically, I'm a slow tweet. (You heard it here.)

1. I'm too busy vlogging.


Liz said...

#9---the key reason I don't tweet at all.