Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Night, And Good Luck (review)

Finally got back to working through the Netflix queue and watched "Good Night, And Good Luck," the famed film highlighting the legendary battle of wills between journalist Edward R. Murrow and Senator Joe McCarthy.

This is one of those films that interested me when if first came out and I just never made time for it. I was glad to get the chance to see if it lived up to the hype.

I liked it a lot. I'm a sucker for McCarthy drama, and this one was packed with it. My only problem was that the movie seemed really short. It felt almost like an independent short-film. I'm not sure why. Perhaps if the Fred Friendly and Ed Murrow relationship had been developed historically it might have felt a bit more broad.

The other strange thing for me was the overall positive ending of the movie. It might sound dumb, but I tend to expect this quick, "indie" feeling films to end on a darker note. But this one didn't. That was a surprise, albeit a good one.

The movie was a little slow for my taste, but I'm glad I watched it.

Ever see it?
Like it?
Hate it?


Johnny! said...

I liked it. I get annoyed by the way people overlook the fact that McCarthy found exactly what he was looking for, because commies really had infiltrated our institutions. But it was a good movie.