Thursday, October 01, 2009

Listen, I'm new to the world of Apple. Up until moving to Tyler, I was a Windows guy. And I've tried to be very honest that there are definite aspects of PC computing that I miss. (In fact, I foresee one of those cool new Netbooks in the Wright family's feature! They're tiny! So cute!)

I've also tried to not to turn into an annoying jerk about Macs. (Ever met any of those? Probably not.)

But my friend Bethany linked this on Twitter recently and I was so surprised by this strange video this is regarding new Windows Seven Launch Parties.

I don't know anything about Windows 7, but this just seems like such a poorly executed marketing tool. This feel weird to anybody else?


Jay said...

How lame does Microsoft think we are?

Anonymous said...

it's fake

Anonymous said...

maybe it's not fake, but it sounds like a sex party. "Make sure you have the right devices on hand for the bonus activities"