Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worship leaders will find this funny...

CCLI is (just now) considering issuing licenses that would allow churches to make copies of CDs/mp3s for rehearsals.

Now, listen...I like CCLI. I mean, they pay me about $20 a year, so I don't want to go looking THAT gift horse in the mouth, but come on, guys.

I'm bothered by two things.
#1. The possibility that the big wigs at CCLI don't already know that most of us already make copies of stuff for rehearsal. (And have for years.)

#2. Or they do know it's happening but now want to police it in some way by requiring another license to be purchased.

As a writer who makes "money" from my songs being used, I just consider rehearsal a part of the deal, you know?
I mean, heck...if I'm making money off somebody using my song on Sunday morning at church, why the heck would I also require them to have permission to do them in an empty sanctuary on a Thursday night?

Does this seem weird to anybody else?


Johnny! said...

Of COURSE they know it is going on, and are trying to police it. It's an illegality that was almost impossible to get around until planning center came around. Since most Church musicians are musically illiterate, the only way to learn new music is by rote. This means you have to either all listen to the song together (and most Church musicians can't learn a song that fast), make copies, or make your own demo for the band. Most guys won't take the time for that last option.
So they're simply protecting their copyright and looking for yet another revenue stream. This is the confusion that comes from our blurring of the glaringly obvious line between entertainment music and worship music. Our "worship artists" (whatever THAT is) write, record, perform, and hire representation like other pop musicians do. They are purveyors of a commodity and understandably want to protect their commercial interests. Makes perfect sense given their paradigm.

Chad Ethridge said...

Too Much Legislation = Beaurocratic Nonsense

Todd Wright said...

So, I should send something like:

"Here are my thoughts, CCLI. I can't fault you for this...because the very premise for your entire organization is nutty to begin with. You guys are ridiculous. But please keep sending me checks."

Something along those lines? I wonder if they ever get messages like that.

Johnny! said...

I would add something along the lines of "Understanding that I am writing music specifically for use in worship in the Churches, I hearby grant free license to any Church to copy and distribute my music for rehearsal purposes. Collect no tithe money from them for any rehearsal license. Jerks."

Todd Wright said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa Johnny...let's not get crazy.