Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Setlist

Sunday, our youth pastor Mark Kuykendall preached our "Sola Fide" message. He did a great job. Here's the bumper we ran before the sermon.

Here's what we played:

ALL THE FREED (Wright) Key of E
Wow! We changed up the arrangement of this guy. Instead of the more syncopated drum intro, Arlie (bass) wrote a riff and Dale (drums) played it straight. I raked on the guitar for most of the verses...also threw it some random power chording on some of my stuff. Motown! Tim (organ) did a great job on the riffs and Ray (electric guitar) was spot on w/ the riffs. The band told me that they think our first service set went a little better on this tune. I think they both went pretty good.

DO JUSTLY (Fitts) Key of A
We taught this one last week. Groove this time was pretty solid. Not sure if it's a keeper or not, but it went well.

We tried something different with this one. On Thursday, we setup a little more "shuffle" groove. I didn't tell the band I was going to start it like this, but it allowed us to talk about the importance of being creative and adjusting when something changes on stage. I think it went very well live.

WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS (arr. Baloche) Key of E/F
I've wanted to do Baloche's version of this tune for a long, long time. The band did a really good job of this one. I really like the guitar riff over the intros. It's a simple arrangement, but it works. If I do it again, I'll probably do it as an F/G instead. This one felt pretty good.

GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS (arr. Brewster) Key of C
We started off with this one pretty close to Lincoln Brewster's version, but Tim G. (synth/organ) re-charted it and gave it a very jazzy feel. We've yet to do something this stripped down - synth and electric - and it's probably the jazziest thing we've done, chord-wise. The advantage of doing hymns is that you can often make some really creative elements within the music and yet still maintain the familiarity of the song. I'm not a big jazz fan...and I'm even less of a "jazz worship" fan, but this one was a neat mix. It was jazzy, but the recognizable nature of this tune softens the more dissonant, unique elements of a jazz arrangement.

The team did a great job. Our big question each Sunday is always, "How was the opportunity?" We ask ourselves if we gave the absolute best opportunity to worship that we could. I think the band did that this Sunday. I love worship at Bethel and look forward to lots more songs and celebration in this place!

June 28, 2009 Worship from Bethel Bible Church on Vimeo.