Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Rain...

It rained pretty hard on Tuesday.

Krist, Jonah and I carried Finley to school before dropping off Jonah and Mom at Bible Study.

And as I toted my daughter across the parking lot in her pink rain coat while I got drenched, I had this thought....

"Why is rain the man's thing?"

Think about it, guys. Chances are that if you're with a significant other and it's raining, there's some unwritten rule that it's YOUR job to get out of the car. (To get the mail, pick up the kids, buy a few things from the store, pay for gas, etc.)

I guess it's a nobility thing...the man makes the sacrifice for those he loves.

Plus, a guy who's afraid to get wet is just kind of pathetic, isn't it?

(But it IS okay if that guy cringes every time he glances lightning in the sky, Kristen.)

I need to stop watching StormChasers.


adrienne. said...

I think it probably comes down to our hair. We spend a lot more time on it than most guys do, so you can afford to get it wet.

Todd Wright said...

Yes, hair is definitely a factor.