Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kids TV, Part I (Jonah Edition)

It happens to us all.

If you're a parent, you're going to be watching some television programming for children. Granted, some parents limit their kids' TV intake to a very thin stream. Others pretty much let their kids watch whatever they want, whenever they want.

But unless you're the most strict parent on the planet (or) you have a child that doesn't watch TV, you're gonna' see some of this stuff.

Jonah has always been a TV kid. He's always loved it...and we have to be careful with how much he watches. Here are some of his favorite shows (right now.)


Jonah loves Ben 10. I think were three seasons of the "normal" Ben 10, but now Cartoon Network has created a new version. Ben 10 Alien Force involves the same characters, but takes place 10 years later. At this point, Ben and his pals are older, wiser and more powerful!

Jonah got interested in this through Cartoon Network's "cryptid" promotion. The Saturdays are a superhero family that seeks out strange and unusual cryptid creatures around the world. Oh, and they fight evil.


This show is hilarious. Mainly because of Amy Poehler's fantastic voice work. (Poehler used this voice on SNL for a sketch about a hyperactive pre-teen.) The voice alone is worth thirty minutes of my I love the simplicity of the animation. In a high-tech world, the Mighty B looks almost like something created in my day.

This show isn't in production anymore, but that doesn't keep Nickelodeon from cashing in on it!

There's some funny stuff on this show, but it tends to make Jonah wild. (Josh tends to yell a lot. Or is it Drake? The one who lost all the weight tends to yell a lot.)

This one can pretty annoying.

I don't know any six year old boy who's not into Clone Wars. Jonah and I caught the movie when it hit theaters. We loved it. Imagine his shock when the new Friday night TV series was unveiled. Watching Clone Wars is fast becoming our Friday night tradition.


I love iCarly. It's hilarious. Great characters, great writing, great online presence/sub-culture. I'm partial to Sam. She's awesome.


This one is, by far, the most popular. I don't really have a problem with Spongebob. Sure, sometimes it's a bit crude, but six-year old boys like crude. At least, mine does. Other than that, it's a pretty silly show that can be, occasionally, pretty funny. (I've found that it gets funnier the more you watch it. Lunacy is like that, I think.)

No, my problem is that this show is on ALL THE TIME. Shortly after we got our DVR hooked up, Jonah tried to setup some recording. Being new to the remote, he picked "all" instead of "once." A day-and-a-half later, we had 18 episodes recorded.

18 episodes.

That's too much Spongebob, gang.


So, moms and dads....what are YOUR kids watching?

Do you find yourself enjoying THEIR shows?


Clay said... son, Brandon watches...

Spongebob, Smoking Gun on TruTV, AFHV, i-Carly, Ripley's Believe It or Not, any sports, Mind Freak, Myth Busters, and How It's Made.

Melana watches...

What Not to Wear, anything on Discovery Health, Hannah Montana, i-Carly, The Suite Life, and Dancing With the Stars

I'm pretty much into all of it.

Kandice said...

Well..I have 2 our shows are different..we don't watch any Nick anymore..we are pretty much a Disney Channel family..Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Suite Life, and last but certainly not least..a family favorite..Phineas and Ferb..I bet Jonah would like it too..not a girly show really..but VERY FUNNY..let me know if you watch....

Todd Wright said...

Yeah, Kandice...we do Phineas and Ferb, too, but I've yet to sit down and watch it.

Kristen knows more about it that I do, but I think that's one of those shows that is the equivalent of letting Jonah drink a 2 liter of Big Red - some of them turn him into a crazy maniac.

Shelly Conn said...

Umm.... Dora, Dora, Dora. Levi loves Dora. Claire and Ashlin watch anything on PBS kids, they both love Jon and Kate plus 8, cooking shows and The Cosby Show.

I'm the crazy parent who does not let her little 6 and 4 yr. old girls watch the Disney channel after about 11:00. I don't want them thinking it's an okay thing to be crud, rude or snooty to other girls, I think they can figure that one out for themselves. Their girls.

Todd Wright said...

Dang, Shelly...

Way to punk us out.

Amy said...

I'm with you Shelly. We just don't watch much Nick or Disney. And, never watch Cartoon Network. When my girls were younger, they watched mostly PBS Kids or Noggin. Chloe still watches those sometimes. Now that they're all in school, they just rarely watch tv.

We do enjoy How It's Made, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Ace of Cakes, Unwrapped, and Cosby and Little House reruns.

I have three girls. I am not a fan of the pre-teen/teen drama on lots of shows. Too many kids are living small lives wrapped up in a bunch of stupid drama that's reinforced by a lot of the shows they watch.

The Willmons said...

My kids watch pretty much anything on Disney or Nick. And I have a confession to make: I love Spongebob. I have almost every episode memorized. Guilty secret, I know.

Andy also loves to watch anything on Animal Planet also. I Can sometimes get him to watch Discovery Channel as well.

I personally think they spend too much time watching TV. When I was their age I read all the time, but of course I didn't have 200 channels on TV, or computers, or video games, etc. I try to encourage them to read more, but usually to no avail.