Friday, October 29, 2010


SATURDAY, 10/23/10
Started back on Couch 2 5k on Saturday. Not because I have any sort of deadline for a run, but because I need the consistency of a plan. Again.

I didn't start off at week 1 (walk 4 seconds, run 8 seconds) because it felt just a tad regressive. Week 5 looked pretty normal, but I decided to start at week 4 since it gave me more interval running to get things going. Went out Saturday and did my first Week 4 run. (Run 3, walk :90, run 5; walk 2.4, run 3, walk :90, run 5.)

MONDAY, 10/25/10
Went out to the ROC Monday morning. This was after the big storm blew threw Flint/Whitehouse on Sunday night, so the running a trail was a little cluttered. Actually couldn't run the full circle because a tree was down and blocking off one of the bridges. I kept to the safe path and ran the C25K again:

3 minute run / 90 second walk
5 minute run / 2.5 minute walk
3 minute run / 90 second walk
5 minute run

This one felt a little better than the last time. Still struggling with inclines and also trying not to get too freaked out thinking, "In five weeks, they want me doing this for 30 minutes non-stop?"

WEDNESDAY, 10/27/10
Another day, another run! Did the same set again (as ordained by my running schedule) and felt pretty good throughout. Had one little scare about halfway through where I landed on my ankle wrong. Could have been a sprain, but thankfully, the kink worked itself out.
That makes for a total of three runs in one week, but I still have Friday and hopefully I get a chance to add a fourth day to my "regimen" this week.

FRIDAY, 10/29/10
Went out to the ROC for an early run. Nice, cold morning - there was ice on the bridge. Naturally, I ran full speed across the bridge in the hope that I'd fall, wrench my knee, and never be able to run again.

Did my last "week 4" run of this week. Trail was busy with other walkers and runners, so in a couple of spots I had to alter my route and adjust my speed. (Not to blast past them, you know?)
Next week, new regimen!