Sunday, November 30, 2008


Okay, you all have left so many great comments lately that I had to throw another little survey out there.

By the way, I think I picked an awesome picture for this post.
Yes, that's a band of dudes wearing red shirts and white tail tuxedos.
And if you look closely, you'll find that there's a violin player with a mullet and the drummer is playing electronic drums.
And they appear to be jamming.


Shelly Conn said...

James Taylor. It would be nice to just sit and listen and enjoy the calm.

Sorry Robert for stilling your concert pick.

Kandice said...

Reba McEntire...because she's awesome!!!

chrismaroon said...

Umh, uh, Todd Wright?

Forrest said...

Reba McEntire becuase she is HOT!!!

Scott said...

Van Halen original 4

ross said...

Queen... back in the day - missed that train.

Elton and Billy - that would be a good one if they do it again

Michael Jackson would be great - the non-perv Jackson tour


Sigur Ros... because I'm hip

Cory said...

Since I've already seen Coldplay, I'll say U2

Tony said...

for the time being, I am awaiting my chance to go to a Hillsong United concert.... or I suppose it would be a worship service in that respect. Either case, I think it would be amazing!

Artie said...

Since Scott and ross have already played the "way back" card..The Beatles..

As for one that I actually could attend with artists that are still alive???

I'm thinking I'd like to go to a Jerry Jeff Walker birthday bash because I'd get to see JJW as well as Jimmy Buffett and Willie Nelson as well as other Texas country/rock artists and there would probably be a lot of duets and acoustic sets in that gig as well...

Todd Wright said...

I'd have to go with U2. I've seen them once and I would gladly spend my last show on them...if I knew I only one more concert left.

However, a super-close second is Andrew Peterson. I'm quickly reaching fan-geek status.

Other runners up would include:

1. Greg Brown (love him but don't know enough of his stuff to enjoy a full concert)
2. Prayer Chain reunion tour
3. Dierks Bentley

Isn't it great that I ask all of you for one vote and then I come with five answers total? TODD BLOG is a monarchy.

Todd Wright said...

I'd also like to take a moment to analyze all of the answers so far.

1. Shelly - James Taylor is very good, but you're nowhere close to being that big of a fan. I just think you want to go to a concert where you could take a nap and nobody would know the difference.

2. Kandice - You know I love country music, girl. Reba ain't my cup of tea, but hey, to each his own, right? (I'm tempted to make fun of this vote, but then I remembered that in high school you had already met all these famous CCM artists and that solidified you as the coolest Christian girl I ever met.)

3. Chris - Where the heck were you when I was in Lufkin? I mean, really, do I need to tell the story of how you secretly set into action a plan to remove me from FUMC so you could take my job?

4. Forrest - Your fascination with Ms. McEntire has always creeped me out. And it still does.

5. Scott - Never gonna' happen. But it would be nice, wouldn't it? You'd have to grow your mullet back, though.

6. Ross - Whoa. This is quite a list. Queen...upsetting. Couple this with the fact that you post recipes on your blog and you're looking at a serious drop in cool points. Elton and Billy...more points gone. (Maybe the women's ministry at Bethel could tag along?) Michael Jackson...I feel you on that. Eminem...what is it w/ young preachers and Slim Shady? He's derty.

That Sigor Ros line is hilarious and immediately funneled thousands of cool points back into your account. Well played.

7. Cory - Great pick. I've always viewed Coldplay as "U2 lite," but they really stepped up w/ the recent record. I think you'd enjoy U2. Bono is very ecumenical.

8. Tony - No, I think it would be a concert. (Most likely to include vests, euro-mullets and random beautiful female vocalists sprinkled among dudes who look like they just woke up.)

9. Artie - You were made for that Birthday Bash.


Garrick said...

1. Metallica
2. U2 (again)
3. Counting Crows
4. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds (in a small private venue)

Kandice said...

I am going to gain big cool points back when I tell you that I just saw Andrew Peterson in a mini concert at my church!!!! :) (assuming it is the same Andrew Peterson) If not..disregard this and lower my cool points!!!

Lance said...

For me it has to be Elton and Billy... I could die happy.

Ross stole it. Maybe we could go together?

The Willmons said...

Hey Todd, what happened to my comments about Wagner. Classical music doesn't count?

I mean it's not Reba or anything close to U2 but it would be cool!

Todd Wright said...

Sorry, Willmons! That came through as an anonymous comment, which I tend to reject. My bad!

Post it sorry!

Johnny! said...

I can honestly say I've seen everyone that is important enough to me to have seen before I die. I regret not having seen Zappa or Buddy Rich live.

So, I'd like to see (from the inside) Atomic Opera in concert before I die.

chrismaroon said...

Let's to pick this based on who I've already seen and would really care to see again. To name a few, I've seen Ted Nugent...twice, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Night Ranger, KISS, Quiet Riot, Garth Brooks, George Strait, The Beach Boys (minus Brian Wilson),George Winston(x2)(cool or geek points for that 'cause it was exceptional)and I'll just stop because I've dated myself to some degree, but who would I really like to see if I had just one? Love the Eagles, but no. For a pure unadulterated evening of just flat out entertainment and joy, can't believe I'm agreeing with Todd, but I've been listening to Resurrection Letters, Vol. 2 and I might have to say Andrew Peterson. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Chad Ethridge said...

While I’m a sucker for the troubadour spirit of the one-man solo guitar singer-songwriter types, the last concert I’d like to see would be in a bit of a different direction . . . something with a few more bells and whistles. I would go for the fuller sound of the often overlooked husband and wife tag team band Over The Rhine. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, this band has never disappointed my ears. Their 1999 live album Amateur Shortwave Radio is one of my all time favorite live albums with Ric Hordinski wailing ambient guitar virtuoso to mesmerizing lyrics sung in hauntingly angelic vocals. It was a great combination then and still is today. Every single one of their albums is brilliant musical craftsmanship from their critically acclaimed Good Dog, Bad Dog to the more intimate Drunkard’s Prayer of recent years; I have always been a fan. Hearing so many great live recordings from these guys over the years and never actually getting to see them live (primarily due to geographic limitations) is somewhat disappointing, but the thought of one last concert ending with Over The Rhine’s Trumpet Child processional before the last curtain drops is grand indeed.

Adam said...

I would say U2, but since they will be playing in Heaven...ill go with Blink 182. I started a blink cover band in 6th grade and never looked back...