Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This Woman Knows Me...

Okay, okay...I promise to stop posting about the Bloggess soon.

But this one was too good to let go.

You all know how I feel about football, right?

Well, check this from a recent post from Bloggess:

"I’d like to apologize to everyone at that party. Especially to the guy who was asked 'You know the very best way to watch football?' and I’m all 'To have the whole stadium demolished and then afterward they firebomb it and bulldoze the ashes and then they never, ever rebuild it?' That was mostly uncalled for."

That is the perfect answer for a football conversation and I will be using it as soon as possible!

Yes, I admit that I did a Google Image search for a picture of The Bloggess, which now makes me afraid that she'll find me to be a weird crazy freak stalker. But after reading her blog for some time, I think she's a bit of a stalker freak herself...or at least sympathetic to stalkers. And then she'll totally dig me for talking about her non-stop.

And then, Kristen and I will drive to Houston so we can have dinner with her and her husband and I'll get to take my OWN picture with the Bloggess.

Does anybody else find my fascination with this blogger to be weird, unsettling or inappropriate? My family is getting worried.


Shelly Conn said...


Artie said...

It could be time for an intervention..

blake stewart said...

your a freak.

Jason Fullen said...

I find your disdain for football much more offensive than your addiction to the writings of the blogess. However, I still find you to be a worthy friend, inspite of your football law. :)

Note: I don't mind the "you don't worship football approach" It's the "all those who have actually played it and/or like it are freaking idiots and deserve to die in a pile of demolished stadium rubble" that seems to be the hurtful part. :)