Thursday, November 23, 2006

THANKFUL that the day is over

What we did...

For some crazy reason, our kids had the most ridiculous sleep pattern ever. I know for sure that Finley got up at 11 and at 3am. Then Jonah woke up at 10 til 6. Crazy, y'all.

Kristen and I took turns napping/watching kids so we at least could be relatively coherant for the big day. Kristen cooked, I got kids dressed. (Managed to dress myself, too.) We got to Kristen's grandparents around noon, which is always wild because there are so many people there. We were there until about 2:45, then came home to put a very grumpy Finley Grace down for nap. Jonah watched a little TV, then he and I went outside at 4 for some much needed outside-play time. The best part was raking up a giant pile of leaves for him to jump into. (This is the first time I've raked in about thirteen years.) It was a blast. I got some of it on video - maybe I'll grab a frame or two and post it. Don't have enough to actually edit anything and/or post it. Plus, who has the time for that foolishness.

We ran over to my mom's at 5 and got back at 7. Jonah and Finley were both asleep by 7:30.

Flooring project begins tomorrow. Will try to keep you posted. By the way, the conversation is kicking up over worshipnotes, so please go check it out!


Danielle said...

yeah Thanksgiving!