Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kristen and I will be attempting to lay laminate flooring in our living room and hallway this weekend. Those of you who know me, know that of the two of us, Kristen is the home-improvement genius. I'm the dude who stands around going,
"You need that hammer yet?"
Here's What The Schedule Looks Like:
Friday Morning - pull up carpet, make sure floor is clear of debris
Friday Afternoon - Kristen measures boards while Todd tries desperately to operate giant table saw on loan from father while getting the chance to practice all of his expletives.
Friday Night - Still working much later than expected. Fall into bed.
Saturday Morning - Todd and Krist work a little better together and get a flow going.
Saturday Afternoon - Todd is ready to quit and becomes a jerk.
Saturday Night - Todd is being all mopey and begins complaining, "YOU KNOW, I HAVE TO LEAD WORSHIP TOMORROW!"
Late Saturday Night - Kristen collapses into bed while Todd goes to church to make sure everything is ready for Sunday morning.
Sunday - Todd stays gone most of the day doing worship stuff. He and Kristen try not to speak to each other.
Monday Morning - Kristen files for divorce.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Chris said...

hey todd,

ask Kristen if you can come over and play "Ghost Recon" with me on Saturday, all day.