Monday, October 30, 2006


Quick Recap:
Paul Baloche showed up ten minutes late for his session, then spent ten minutes explaining he was on the phone with his church administrator because he (Baloche) doesn't know how to submit a budget.
Went to a session called "The Edge," led by Don Moen.
Yeah - Don Moen did a session called "The Edge."
Had a great time in session with Integrity staffer and songwriter Wes Tuttle. In fact, he ended the session by giving us all his address at Integrity where we could send songs. This is big deal because not even happy-friendly-churchy Integrity doesn't listen to unsolicited song submissions. It was a fast class, but I did get a chance to talk to him a bit, which was fun.
Went to a session led by Thomas Miller, the worship pastor of Gateway church. Waste of time. Had to sit through almost an hour hearing about he demands that his team memorize all the songs and not close their eyes and always be moving and lean toward the crowd and make sure their clothes are all in the same color schemes.
I'm not playing.
Went to the Don Moen concert, which was actually pretty good.
Highlights of the day were LeAnn Albrecht's worship set, some of Paul's stuff about ministering unto the Lord and all the stuff from Wes Tuttle.

Noticed a few things:
1. Songwriting classes are made up of freaks. Don't know what that says about me, but I was the coolest guy there. Everybody knew that.
2. Girl Pants: Baloche, Don Moen and Thomas Miller.


Robert said...
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Chris said...

I knew we were missing something in our worship, but I never realized it was the color schemes. I'm putting that on McElveen.

Blake Stewart said...

Yeah, could have told you that Thomas Miller was a homo. You should ask the pastor of that church about his new book your best 7 lives now, it totally reformed my way of thinking about life...