Sunday, October 29, 2006


Okay, my first night of Integrity's seminars4worship is over. Here's how it went down:
-Paul Baloche used Kari Jobe for his background vocalist. (Take that, Blake.)
-Here's the set:
Step by Step
Because of Your Love
Praise Adonai
All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises
Middle-eastern jam
Offering w/ Amazing Love and Here I Am To Worship
Your Name (unbelievable!)
Revelation Song
Holy, Holy, Holy
Open the Eyes of my Heart
Above All
w/ Draw me Close
I Will Boast
There were some fantastic moments in the set and I was so glad to have been a part, BUT I am tired of hearing all the hits. I think I would have liked it more if he had just done all the songs on "A Greater Song." I understand that he's got to do the favorites, but some of it just got old.
Not too long ago, Jinx and I came to the realization that Paul's newer stuff didn't work well with just one electric. (There are obviously numerous electric tracks on the album, but Jinx and I had attempted a few tunes with the TWB.)
However, tonight I found the same to be true of the songs even w/ Paul's guys. Don't misunderstand me - Paul's guitarist is amazing, but the songs definitely lost some power when the guy stepped out on some riffs.
I had a blast - it was very refreshing to be led in worship and just to cry out my love and frustrations to God. I'm looking forward to the worship and classes tomorrow.


Jinx said...

I'm kinda surprised that he only had one electric though.

Sadly though, most people also don't realize that the "live" stuff recorded for albums like his isn't totally "live". He'll take a live recording from a concert like the one you saw last night, take it into the studio, add more tracks to it, and then even touch up some of the actual live stuff. There just aren't true "live" albums anymore. Nobody can pull it off good enough live to get the approval stamp of the head honchos at the label.