Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why do we feel the need to explain ourselves when we drop a call?

I'm talking to somebody on their cell phone and we get disconnected and they immediately call back and give me their explanation...

"Sorry, man. My battery is almost dead."

"I'm driving through Diboll and there's, like, no coverage here."

"My phone is messing up, man."

Here's the thing - I'm familiar with cellphones, okay? I don't need you to tell me why it happened.

In fact, why not tell a lie? Why not make it something good so that I'm pleasantly surprised when you call back.

"Sorry, man...I had just knocked off a liquor store and needed to focus on my driving. Cops, you know?"

"My bad, Todd. I had to rob this wino."

Make it something cool!


Justin said...

I feel I was directly targetted for this blog entry.

I will keep this in mind.

Jinx said...

Why do both of your "cool" excuses have something to do with robbing something or someone?