Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Of . . . Many?

Well, here is. My first ever royalty check from CCLI. It's hard to see, but the amount is $69.59. I have to say that this was a surprise - considering that the only reporting entity doing my stuff during this last session was Romack's Wesley group, I was expecting somewhere around the vicinity of $20. I can't tell you guys how great this feels - to have actual, tangible evidence that these songs were done in worship. The check also came with a neat readout that let me know which tunes created this royalty. I've listed them below, starting with the most reported:

1. King of Mercy - 27 credits for a total of $36.84
2. I Am Glad - 15 credits for a total of $20.47
3. My Savior - 9 credits for a total of $12. 28.

Getting this info has done just what I thought it would - make me more passionate about getting some quality recording done. Unfortunately, we're still a long way of from hiring Ross to produce a record, but it's likely that Romack will be able to help us craft some high-end demos that we can share to other churches until such time as the Ross thing goes down.

Thanks for believing in, praying for and using these songs, guys.


Jimmy Williams said...

Thats awesome Todd! Congrats!!!

Rachel said...

I am sooooo excited for you Todd. You are awesome. I love your music. I can't wait for the c.d.

Robert said...

ummm... like iced tea on a hot day!