Thursday, July 27, 2006

Okay...I've decided to do a real post. (Haven't had much time to really discuss anything over the past month - I'm such a busy worship rock star.) Here's what's up:

We finished up unplugged a couple of weeks ago and we've done one Sunday without ANY background singers. Sweet. We'll probably move into a Todd/One BGV in the next couple of months which will be a change. In addition to killing the singers, I also fired my electric guitar player. Okay, not exactly "fired." In fact, I've moved Chris to a Technology Facilitator - he essentially floats around up in the tech room and helps out with everything. He's so good at technology and it's a comfort to know I've got somebody up there who can run down problems that, inevitably, come up. It's a little weird without electric, but I'm trusting God to bless worship whether we have it or not!

The kids are great - Finley's growing and Jonah is constantly cracking us up with his genius and his laugh. Just the other night, Jonah answered the phone, listened for a bit, then pulled the phone down and looked at it. He then yelled out... I DON'T KNOW YOU. And hung up.

My wife is awesome. And pretty. Lately, we've been spending a lot of time talking about our own beliefs about God and what we want to communicate to the kids. Even though it's all been prompted by a desire to have our kids walk in truth, it's caused us to re-evaluate and re-affirm some of the things we know about the Father.

I'm desperate to write some songs, but I've discovered that somehow, someone has shortened my days. I don't know who did this, or how, but I swear I don't have the same amount of hours I used to. I will write again, I just know it. Thought I might write something for refuel next month, but I decided against it. Speaking of refuel, there's a chance Romack may hook up all his digital gobbeldy gook and try to get some live stuff. It will mostly be covers, but hey, it's the TWB Live - ain't that good enough?

I've had a couple of interesting spiritual questions posed to me lately - I'll try to throw them out there in the next couple of days. Okay...that's what's up.


Chris said...

i was fired??????!!!!!!!!!!

Jinx said...

Ha! You got fired.

Why does Romack get to record live stuff? Why can't Jinkins? Sheeesh...I don't gotta fire me.

Chris said...

i woulda fired me too, though. surprised it took this long.

Danielle said...

Be sure to post Todd when the BGV auditions start. I want to audition. Nice talking to you Sunday.

dronbyfoto said...

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