Saturday, July 29, 2006

I had a conversation with someone the other day and we were talking about some of the "pitfalls" of contemporary worship. I just love having this conversation. How come those guys never talk about the "pitfalls" of traditional worship or even, gasp, blended worship? Oh, well.

Anyway, we're just talking along and I'm taking it like a man, when the other person says,

"You know, contemporary worship just really doesn't give enough weight to the offering."

I apologize, because I am paraphrasing and I can't remember it word for word. Regardless, I was a little perplexed, so I asked for some clarification and this is what I got (essentially)

"Contemporary worship talks about our offerings being a form of worship, when, you know, it's really the highest form of worship." (Italics mark where the other dude placed the emphasis...)

Ok, friends (and maybe enemies) what do we think of that?


Bluebird said...

Well, here's what I think.

All of life is an offering to God... and that is (by definition) worship.

Sounds like your friend is trying to make one part of our worship "higher" by his/her own admission. That makes sense when you want to rip on a style that doesn't put emphasis on the monetary side of worship. (BTW... I don't believe that his premise is true in the first place...)But, it doesn't make any sense in light of the words of Jesus.

When someone (the woman at the well) questioned Jesus on the specifics of worship, He didn't seem interested in rule making about our honoring of God. He instead said that we should worship in spirit and in truth.

His point is that as we walk in the spirit and live in the truth... our whole life is a prolonged worship service to God.

Also, the church where the widow put the penny in the receptacle didn't have any music in the background. Jesus, didn't seem to have a problem with that. He noticed the SPIRIT with which she gave... and brought out the TRUTH that she gave out of her need.

Bottom line: If you hate something (like I hate the beach) you will find reasons to hate it. (sand, dead fish, sunburn, salt water, insects, jelly fish) And if you love something (like I love mountain biking) you will find things to love about it. (risk, fun, friends, thrill, challenge).

Notice that when you hate something you focus on the elementals... the tangible... the specifics. But when you love something there is a sense that you ignore the specifics and go for something that is more like essence.

oh well. i'm rambling.


Robert said...

Not that I can add to what Bro. Lance has stated but I'll try.

Worship leaders are passionate about leading worship, preachers are passionate about the preaching, Wee-care workers are passionate about kids, etc. Too many times we compartmentalize our area and claim that it is only our area that holds significance and meaning. Mainly because we have no idea what each area brings to the table. I think Worship leaders should be required to preach sometimes, Children's Ministers should lead a Youth Bible study. Not so much so they can gain good spiritual insight and knowledge but mainly just because it would be funny for the rest of us.

Sorry, if you were expecting a serious answer... I just couldn't do it.

Todd Wright said...

Dang I miss Lance.

Robert said...

Yeah, he sure was cute!