Saturday, July 09, 2011


TUESDAY, 7/5/11
I was all geared up for a run when Kristen walks in and says, "There's lightning out there."

I make it a policy to avoid electrocution whenever possible, so I sadly conceded. Then Kristen said another thing. "Do Slim In Six."

"Slim In Six" is this DVD exercise pack that we bought a couple of years ago. At the time, it was pretty hard for me, and I ended up injuring my knee while doing it. I put it away, ate junk food for another year and then decided to try running.

And while this is supposed to be a running post, I DID exercise. I did the basic 25 minute regimen, which wasn't as hard as I remember. Knees bothered me a little bit and the arm stuff killed me. Sorry...arms aren't my thing. (But you should see my calves. I'm all calves.)

I was glad to get some exercise in. I took a break from the "no sweets" on Sunday and Monday and definitely felt it during the exercise. But it gave me an energy boost and I went to bed satisfied that I had put in some exercise time!

Remember when I said the exercise DVD wasn't that bad.

Well, I was wrong. Very. Very. Wrong.

Starting Wednesday morning, I got progressively more sore as the day wore on, most noticeably in my legs. That can't legs are widely hailed as massive, muscular forces of nature! How can a little DVD make me get more sore rather than less?

By the time I came home from a Life Group Leader meeting at church, exercise wa
s the last thing on my list. But since I had "looked forward" to running all day long, I threw on the sneakers and did it. It was hot, but I did it. Five minute walk to warm up, then 25 minute run, then another five to cool down.

SATURDAY, 7/9/11
Kristen was early to bed on Friday night due to a full day out of town on Saturday, so I postponed exercise (and posting) until Saturday night.

Did 5 min. warm up, 25 minute run and about a 10 min. cool down. Losing weight, but not feeling all that "light" on my feet, yet. Luckily, the running, plus the no-sweets is gradually paying off.