Friday, June 17, 2011


SATURDAY, 6/11/11
Since I'm doing the three runs per week at the gym, I decided to just put in a walk on Saturday evening. Walked for about half-an-hour. Nothing too strenuous...just a little exercise for bed. I was surprised at how cool it was out there!

MONDAY, 6/13/11
Late Sunday night goings-on meant a call to they gym Monday morning saying, "Um....can we reschedule the childcare?" So, we went in around 4:30 to get some exercise. Afterward, I decided that 4:30 or 5:00pm is not the ideal time for Todd to run. I dialed up the treadmill for twenty minutes or so of running and burned it hard. After that, did the weights for just a little bit. (Good thing is that I was able to jump up a weight setting on all the lifting...still not great, but progress is progress!)

TUESDAY, 6/14/11
No, I am NOT a glutton for punishment. Instead I walked Tuesday night, just to put some time in. Walked a little over two miles. Hate takes so long! I could be RUNNING and back on my couch in half-an-hour!

WEDNESDAY, 6/15/11
Golly gee, I did not want to go to the gym. But we did it anyway. Walking the night before was good, but man, were my legs stiff! It also didn't help that the gym didn't have the A/C on in the treadmill room. Kinda' funky.

Did two miles and hit the weights probably the hardest I've done so far. Hoping to jump to the next level on the lifting next week, but we'll see!

FRIDAY, 6/17/11
Went home for Father's Day, which meant two things - lots of eating...and doing a neighborhood run. Believe me, I didn't WANT to run Friday night, but I made of goal of three exercise sessions per week and I was determined to get it in! Fired up the pedometer to see just how far an outdoor, 20-minute run would take me. Guess what? NOT FAR. But, it was good cardio and a challenge I powered through. About ten minutes in, I was internally screaming, "Why did you eat so much queso tonight? Why, Todd, why???"