Friday, May 20, 2011


I've only seen U2 live once, but that hasn't stopped me from trying to watch every video recorded of them ever.

And it never fails. Every time I sit down and watch concert footage, I have some recurring thoughts.

I recently watched the DVD of the 360 tour and those thoughts came back around. While I didn't enjoy it as much as U2: GO HOME, it was still pretty impressive. Certainly, the production value was much improved, but some of the same lessons still apply.

So, here are my U2 thoughts:

  1. The songs of "No Line On The Horizon" are actually great songs. It's the album that's bad. Whatever is fun and freewheeling about the newest material somehow didn't get pressed onto the CD project.

  2. I have no doubt about the use of processors, correctors, pitch control, etc. on Bono's vocals, but you gotta' give it to a guy his age belting for all he's worth. Plus - I like to see him working to hit those notes.

  3. I'm tired of "Where The Streets Have No Name." There, I said it. That one used to do it for me, but things have changed. Now, classic U2 is "Mysterious Ways" or "Until The End Of The World".

  4. EDGE. Still the best part of seeing the show.

  5. Could Larry and Adam look MORE bored? I like to imagine they're hearing that cash register sound non-stop as they play. Song #7, I just made $10,000. Song #8, another $10,000. Song #9, I'm so bored, oh...there's another $10,000.

  6. I like it when they sound like a 4-piece. The other instruments definitely make a lot of the songs, but some of that stuff still sounds good with three instruments and a voice.

  7. When I watch a live show, my production-hate-buzzer goes off. Instead of listening to the music, I'm thinking, "Okay, who changes that one panel on the HD screen when it wigs out?" Because you know it wigs out.

  8. I know it'll never happen, but I'd love to see them play a small room - a place packed and a show that doesn't allow for 22 second applause breaks. I'd like to see them as a small band.

  9. They need another record. If they end it all with No Line On The Horizon, I'm going to be hacked off. You could have just stopped with Atomic Bomb, guys. We would have been fine with that. It would be cool to hear them do a blues record.

  10. Remember back in the 90's when Bono was everywhere doing vocals? Special concert performances, duets, guest spots on other records? You'd think in a vocal-driven culture like our United States of American Idol, he'd still get strutted out to show his stuff.
What about you, too? (See what I did there?)
If you're a fan of the band, what are some recurring thoughts?